Ristorante Quadri

"The inspiration comes from the city itself: this means living the present with awareness of what once was."

Ristorante Quadri represents the contemporary expression of traditional Italian and Venetian dishes. The fish arrives fresh from the Rialto market each day, as do the fruit and vegetables, based on seasonal availability. The only restaurant located in St. Mark’s Square, Ristorante Quadri was restored in early 2018 by Philippe Starck and selected Venetian artisans, bringing back the original splendor of the space in a contemporary context. The atmosphere is a concentration of mystery, beauty and poetry.

The team

The kitchen team is composed of executive chef Silvio Giavedoni, who has worked with the Alajmo family for over fifteen years, sous chef Sergio Preziosa and a brigade of young, eclectic and motivated chefs. The elegance of professionalism of the dining room staff is in large part thanks to the example set by maitres Stefano Munari and Marco Cicchelli, as well as sommelier Giacomo Lorato.

The menu

 Created by Max Alajmo and carried out by executive chefs Silvio Giavedoni and Sergio Preziosa, the Ristorante Quadri menu highlights  contemporary interpretations of traditional Venetian and Italian dishes made with ingredients sourced directly from the Venetian lagoon. Guests can choose between two tasting menus - Classico or Quadri - as well as à la carte options.   

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