Le Calandre
Max Alajmo's culinary playground

“Cuisine is like a needle that passing repeatedly through small holes creates a thread so thin and strong that it unconsciously binds us all.”

In 1981, Erminio Alajmo and Rita Chimetto open Le Calandre. Max and Raf take over and Le Calandre becomes one of eight Italian restaurants with three Michelin stars. The inspiration for Max’s distinctive dishes comes from looking at the world with a childlike curiosity and sense of discovery, as well as his continuous and in-depth research of ingredients. His distinctive approach to cuisine can also be felt in the dining room of Le Calandre, where verything from the hand-carved wooden tables to the glassware and room fragrance was designed by the Alajmo brothers and produced by master Italian artisans. The result is a multisensory culinary experience that is carried the dining room, cordially and naturally.

The team

Professionalism, team spirit and friendship are the key ingredients of the Le Calandre team. In the kitchen, Max works alongside his sous chef Diego Magro and a select group of young, aspiring chefs. The front of the house is run by Andrea Coppetta Calzavara, veteren and award-winning maître, together with the restaurant's talented sommelier Matteo Bernardi.


Summer has arrived here in Italy filling our local markets with ripe and colorful ingredients. In celebration of all the earthly delights that continue to arrive at Le Calandre, Max has come out with a new menu full of surprises. You will find Max’s new dishes like tomato Maxpacho with eggplant sorbet and olive powder; Risotto with sardines, extra virgin olive oil, dill and mustard; Summer rigatoni “alla puttanesca”; Corn-crusted dotto with herbs. Also look for the chef's buffalo ricotta, an almond and coconut dessert in the shape of a little ricotta, and his melted tartlet with apricot and curry.

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