Grancaffè Quadri

“Coffee as an expression of Venetian civilization”

In St. Marks Square, there is a café that has remained unchanged over the course of the centuries. From Stendhal to Wagner, Proust and Woody Allen, Grancaffè Quadri has always been a lively place to stop for a coffee. With the arrival of Max and Raf Alajmo, guests can not only enjoy the café for its history, but also for its superior selection of coffee drinks and cocktails.

Piazza menu

Guests who enjoy the outdoor seating in St. Mark’s Square can select from a large, illustrated menu featuring everything from Italian coffee drinks to cocktails or breakfast pastries to Venetian bar snacks called cicchetti and gelato.

The team

A team of well-trained baristas tends to the coffee and is coordinated by Michele Vianello.


Coffee has been drunk in Venice for centuries and many of the city's historic coffeehouses, such as Gran Caffè Quadri, became famous thanks to the consumption of this invigorating drink. Our espresso coffee is prepared with beans selected by Gianni Frasi of Torrefazione Giamaica in Verona and roasted directly over an open flame, using a manually operated machine. A perfect espresso or cappuccino enjoyed in Piazza San Marco together with one of Max's olive oil brioche or a sweet pastry is an experience that is hard to top.

Martini cocktail

For Raf and Max the Martini cocktail is more than a pleasure; it is a sort of ritual, a celebration of well-being. We present their own personal selection, created for Gran Caffè Quadri.


Grancaffè Quadri was first opened in 1638 with the name Il Rimedio (The Remedy), due to the fact that it served Malvasia wine, commonly believed to enliven both the body and spirit.

On May 28, 1775, Giorgio Quadri, arrived in Venice from Corfu together with his wife Naxina in search of fortune. It was Naxina to suggest that they invest in a place that served “hot black water.” The couple purchased Il Rimedio and began serving Turkish coffee.
In 1830, Caffè Quadri was purchased by the Vaerini brothers, who restored the café and added a restaurant upstairs, Ristorante Quadri.  With the arrival of the Alajmo family in 2011, Quadri regained its former allure and in early 2018 the caffè underwent a major restoration led by the French creator Philippe Starck and a team of top Venetian artisans. A transformation revealing the original magic of the place in a romantic and slightly surrealistic atmosphere.

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