Welcome to J-FARM

Love of the land and a focus on research, experimentation and innovation are the common corporate values at the core of J-FARM, the new joint venture between H-FARM and the Alajmo brothers who are preparing to take over the all food and beverage services on the H-FARM Campus, the largest innovation hub in Europe, located just outside Venice. 


The challenge of opening inside H-FARM stems from the Alajmo brothers' desire to diversify their restaurants and invest a part of the company in young people, in the future and in innovation. “For a long time, Massimiliano (Max) and I have wanted to get involved directly in the food culture of today’s youth, those who tomorrow will be the customers and the society of the future”, explains Raffaele (Raf) Alajmo, C.E.O of the Alajmo group. "Attention to detail, passion, a sense of responsibility towards sustainability, research, the will to always grow, being traditional but also global, being a big family: these are all elements that make up the Alajmo Group, led by Max in the kitchen, Raf who makes the family vision a reality and their father Erminio who looks over everything with an expert eye. It was impossible not to think of them when we decided to outsource the food and beverage services on the Campus. I was conscious of asking for the moon, but the dream came true. Max is an artist and I am sure that his influence will be felt a lot, adding magic to the experience of our customers and all visitors who come to us to find solutions, to train or to invent something. The campus, once the pandemic is over, will be open to all. A place to walk, play sports, study and also taste extraordinary things. Talking about the future, the future of young people who have sacrificed too much in recent months and who must be put back at the center of all we do because there is nothing more important than them,” says Riccardo Donadon, founder of H-FARM. 

J-FARM will manage… 

 • Le Cementine, restaurant that will reopen to the public for lunch on Saturday, February 20th 

• Amor in Farm, a fast-casual café that will move from Milan to the center of the campus 

• La Serra, restaurant located in the headquarters of H-FARM 

• AL4 pizzeria 

• In.gredienti, a small shop of Alajmo products inside the Welcome Center

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