Sesamo, the Royal Mansour restaurant by Alajmo

SESAMO, the new Alajmo restaurant inside the Royal Mansour Marrakech hotel, is now open.  

"What we love about Morocco, and in particular about the Royal Mansour, is the handmade, artisan feel and its beautiful imperfections. It has a real, rugged beauty," comments Raffaele, who found the Royal Mansour Marrakech to embrace the same honest values and attention to detail that he seeks to uphold all Alajmo properties.


Based on the use of both local ingredients and imported Italian delicacies, the SESAMO menu is undoubtedly Italian in character. In preparation for the opening, Massimiliano sent his Italian agronomist to the Royal Gardens to cultivate multiple varieties of Italian tomatoes and other staples of Italian cuisine, such as Tuscan kale and Romanesco broccoli. The groundwork has also been laid to make Moroccan olive oil with Italian olive cultivars and locally produced mozzarella.

Dishes on the menu include classics of Massimiliano’s cuisine such as crispy langoustine rolls with lettuce sauce, hand-chopped Piemontese beef battuta with white truffle, and saffron risotto with eel gremolata and beetroot sorbetto. Guests will also discover preparations created specifically for the new restaurant like spaghetti with garlic, oil, chili pepper with vegetables from the Royal Mansour garden and a dessert called Apriti Sesamo, a sphere of sesame and almond nougat filled with saffron, neroli, and almond foam and a citrus passion fruit sauce.

Inside the restaurant is a bar that serves espresso sourced from Giamaica Caffè Coffee Roasters and made using a 1960s-era Faema E61 coffee machine, and offers a cocktail list designed by Lucas Kelm, Alajmo bar manager based at AMO in Venice. The wine list, which will complement Massimiliano’s menu, boasts over 300 exclusively Italian labels.


The staff is comprised of an expert, close-knit team managed by Pio Daniele Chimetto, director of Caffè Stern for several years, assisted by Sebastiano Lilio. In the kitchen we have Vania Ghedini, former AMO chef, and Mattia Barni, trained in the kitchens at Le Calandre. Supporting the team is a task force made up of Silvio Giavedoni, Head Chef in Venice, Michela Gobbo, director of Il Calandrino in Padua for many years, and Giovanni Alajmo, also a former director at Caffè Stern and Alajmo brand ambassador.


For the interior design, the Royal Mansour Marrakech turned to the 3BIS architecture and design firm, which has been responsible for the décor and maintenance of the building since it opened in 2010. Fabrice Bourg and Nicolas Papamiltiadès, the founders of the 3BIS agency, have designed a restaurant with Venetian influences, aiming to recreate the feel of the city. By maintaining the large, spacious rooms, as well as the marble and onyx marquetry on the ceilings and floors, Venice’s heart and soul can be felt inside SESAMO. The restaurant is a blend of the old and the new, showcasing the talent of local craftsmen and bringing together the best experts in the field.


The name SESAMO is highly symbolic for the Alajmo Group, as a reference to the brothers’ arrival in Marrakech that at the same time plays on the name AMO.


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