AMOR opens in Milano

AMOR, the Alajmo brothers' newest restaurant, opens at 10 Corso Como, Milan in collaboration with Philippe Starck. A fast-casual restaurant that appeals to both the frenetic metropolitan tribe and food lovers of all kinds, AMOR features Massimiliano’s patented steamed pizza, is based on the simplicity and purity of the ingredients, on lightness and on the importance of taste. 

“It’s the place to go if you are looking for a quick, yet satisfying, healthy and light meal,” adds Raffaele Alajmo, CEO and maître des lieux of the restaurant group. “AMOR Milano is a sort of flagship store for a series of restaurants that we are planning to open,” adds Raffaele. 

A descendant of AMO, the restaurant opened by the Alajmo family in 2016 inside the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi building in Venice, AMOR is lively and modern with a strong identity. 

“AMOR is light, new and very surprising. It has a very particular spirit. A modern, Venetian, elegant and even subversive decor. The most important - the Venetian spirit, the creative and amusing Venetian genius.” Ph.S 

Starck imagined the design of AMOR, highlighting Massimiliano’s steamy innovation, creating a unique Venetian universe, a nod to the Alajmo brothers’ origins and even inventing his own take on the traditional Venetian mask – the AMOR signature. With creative technologies and design details, like the inventive and amusing pulley system connecting the lampshades and the steam operated domes used to finish cooking the patented pizzas and the display of almost 100 of his playful masks on the walls, Starck has created an inviting, simple yet dynamic atmosphere. 

“AMOR represents the dream of being able to eat in the clouds with lightness and simplicity,” suggests Massimliano Alajmo. Guests can expect friendly service and an easy-to-navigate menu, available to order at the counter to dine-in or to take away. In the evening, table service creates an even more relaxed and convivial experience. Based on concepts of lightness, depth of flavor and beauty, the menu features Massimiliano’s steamed pizza, which after years of research and development, has received a patent for its innovative cooking method. Once the dough has fully-leavened naturally, it’s cooked in a steam oven allowing it to develop an extremely light and airy crumb. The result is an ideal base for top-quality ingredients or toppings. 

The AMOR menu has been created with each moment of the day in mind, offering both savory and sweet pizzas. At breakfast, guests can choose from pizzas such as the Egg and Crispy Bacon made with whole-wheat dough and topped with a fried egg, bacon, balsamic-braised onions and smoked paprika. Other breakfast items include classic croissants Italian brioche made with extra virgin olive oil in place of butter and are available with or without wheat flour. 

At lunch and dinner, the menu features an even larger selection of pizzas, including classics like the steamed Margherita or Massimiliano’s signature Vegan pizza, prepared with gluten-free black rice dough and topped with seasonal vegetables and mixed seeds, or an Anchovy and Chorizo pizza with stracciatella, Cantabrian sea anchovies, chorizo, fennel seeds and saffron. 

For AMOR, Massimiliano has also developed his own take on the calzone, the Masscalzone, and a mini-calzone, the Masscalzino. Both are cooked to be crispy on both the outside and inside and to contain a variety of fillings, such as Prosciutto, Mushrooms and Burrata or Quattro Formaggi with gorgonzola, ricotta, mozzarella, scamorza, sautéed spinach and spicy salame. 

For dessert, AMOR offers a steamed pizza topped with pastry cream and fresh berries or caramelized hazelnuts and Crema Eccezionale, Alajmo’s signature chocolate hazelnut spreadable cream. 

The Alajmo obsession with authenticity and fresh and natural products is reflected in every item on the menu at AMOR, including the beverage list which features artisanal sodas and cocktails made from Massimiliano’s own recipes and a selection of beers created together with Teo Musso of the Italian craft brewery, Baladin. As in every Alajmo restaurant, the coffee comes from Laboratorio Giamaica Caffè in Verona.

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