ALajmo Family

The Alajmo Family

For the Alajmos, food is a family affair. It all began when Erminio Alajmo met Rita Chimetto. The couple’s love of food led them to open Le Calandre and, over time, build a small family restaurant group together with their three children Raf, Laura and Max. Today the family business is a highly dynamic and creative company based on serving Italian cuisine in various contexts, from casual to fine dining.

Erminio Alajmo

Father to Raf, Laura and Max.

Erminio opened Le Calandre in 1981. Today, he is president of Alajmo S.p.A. and national vice president of the Italian Federation of Public Enterprises (FIPE).

Rita Chimetto

Mother to Raf, Laura and Max.

First chef of Le Calandre, Rita received the restaurant's first Michelin star in 1992. Today, she can't help but stay in the kitchen where she supervises the pastry lab, her great passion.

Laura Alajmo

Max and Raf's sister, Laura is the family's saving grace. Thanks to her patience and calm nature, she is always able to mitigate and mediate between her brothers' explosive and rarely agreeable personalities.



Alajmo Family

Alajmo Group

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